Wednesday, March 21, 2012

O.C.D- O'Very Compulsive Disorder

Ok, so I know that this is two posts in a day.... but honestly, my last one was 1 week overdue and this one is super applicable to right now. :) I'm sure that both of my followers understand!

I know I have a slight problem.... I'm kinda OCD. This stands for Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, but since it pretty much runs in my family, I can fondly refer to it as "O'Very" Compulsion Disorder. Yes, I do believe it's genetic. My grandma's maiden name was Houskeeper, so....ya. ;) I didn't exactly get the super clean gene, but I do have my compulsions...

My thing is color coordination. Just today I was satisfying my post-exam sugar need with some skittles in the SAB, and I naturally start to sort them out like I've always done and I get the inevitable and overused question, "What are you doing, Meghan?" (Honestly I get that every time.... ;) I don't mind, I'm just glad that I'm amusing to people and I hope I don't freak them out too much.)

SO, I decided to explain it all nice and simple for anyone who cares. It's actually pretty funny. :) AND, I do it without even really thinking about it. So, here goes...

With colored food and candy:
We'll use the example of Skittles.

Step 1:

          Separate the colors.

 Step 2:

          Count them out, and make sure each color has the same number of candies. Eliminate the extras. (Either eat them, or act super generous and give them to a friend or a random guy sitting near you who keeps giving you weird looks while watching you sort Skittles in order to get him to stop looking at you weird.)

 Step 3:

          Now that you have the same number of each color, commence in consuming the delicious treat. Take one from each color each time, so that there are always the same number of each color.

Side note: YES I do eat them in a specific order. YES, I have to. YES it's part of my...problem?

Yep. That's my OCD. As far as with colored candy, I do it with ALL colored candy: M&M's, Mike'n'Ikes, anything that has different colors. If you don't believe me, secretly watch me as I consume any colored candy at a random party or while I'm studying or whatever.... I don't really think about it. :)

Yes, I color coordinate almost everything of color that I have control over.

This is my closet
 My closet is a little different because I also organize it for length. So, it goes jackets (darkest--lightest), long-sleeve shirts (darkest--lightest), then short-sleeve (darkest--lightest).

My tank tops/undershirts
If you're on the BYU swim team, you've also seen the kick-boards. Ya, that's me too.... ;)

But honestly, doesn't it look so nice and orderly?!

Our coach John asked me today, "Why don't you do the pull buoys too?"

My reply? "Nah, that'd just be silly!"  :)


  1. haha you are so great! love this!

  2. yeah im a follower! and i love all you posts. i always rearranged the kickboards..back in the day when i pretended to be a swimmer haha