Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why I'm Glad I'm Crazy

I am crazy. I've accepted that about myself. Honestly, there are a lot of advantages to being crazy. I think that there's a lot in life that I would have missed out on if I weren't insane.

For example, let's take early morning things. 4:30 is a lost time of morning that most normal people don't know exists. (Actually, outside of Utah, it's not very uncommon for swimmers to wake up that early for morning practice. But in Cache Valley, if you're up that early, you're either a dairy farmer or insane!) But for me, it's a time I've become very well acquainted with since 4th grade. My family has used early morning workouts as a way to spend time together and improve ourselves together. To be 100% honest, there have been times where I've wanted to take my watch and chuck it across the room when the alarm goes off in the morning. I've even developed the habit of setting my watch 10 minutes fast, so psychologically I'm not waking up so early. It kinda really stinks...

BUT, when I think about how much I've gained, where others have missed out, it makes it all worth it. 
How many people know what it's like to see the sunrise every morning? Especially in the summer?
How many people understand how it feels to know that you've given 150% of everything you've got?
How many people know what it's like to run while heavy snowflakes are falling, the thick silence nearly tangible before any other footprints or tire tracks have tainted the perfection of the blanket of snow?:)

I am really so blessed. Because of my early mornings, I have gotten as far as I have in swimming. There's no way I would be swimming for my incredible team if I hadn't, and I can't even begin to record all the blessings that have come from it.

All I'm saying is that, even though I love my sleep, I wouldn't trade my early mornings for anything. I'm so grateful for what I've learned and gained from the way I've been raised. The Cache Valley sunrises are truly incredible! And to think that most people sleep right through them... :)

Yay for 4:30!!