Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chemistry Experiment...

Chemistry..... Gotta love it. :) Actually, I don't really, but sometimes I try to convince myself that I do, because I have the wonderful privilege of being able to do it for the rest of my life, if I stick with my major. For those who know me and are lucky enough to hear my daily rantings about classes, they know how I really feel about this intriguing subject.

So,  I heard somewhere that caffeine helps retain memory. Well, I have a chemistry test this week, so I'm going to test that theory! Don't judge, but I have a healthy obsession with Diet Pepsi. Long story short, if this theory is true, I should pretty much ace my test! :)

Yes, that IS ten 24 oz bottles of Diet Pepsi. Yes, those were consumed within a period of 3 days, and YES, I still have more hidden under my bed. :) Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Team Love

Ok, day one as a blogger. :)

Pretty much my entire life revolves around a pool, as you will soon come to recognize. I don't mind. I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it. And I do.:)
'm just a wee freshman (yes, I'm Irish, so I can use that word!) on the BYU swim team, and I love every second of it! It's hard, and it's a huge adjustment, but if you want some advice about college swimming, the pain is totally worth it if (a) you love swimming and (b) you have an amazing support system.
I honestly never thought that I could feel the kind of love and friendship that comes from truly being part of a team. There is nothing like being surrounded by people outside of your family who honestly enjoy you, who uplift you and support you. :) There just aren't words to describe it.

So, this post is a thank you. Thank you to my teammates/friends/sisters. (And brothers, I guess.;))

This weekend is our final meet. Most of the team is in East LA to represent at MPSF Conference, but I get to represent at St. George. So, basically, that gives ME home court advantage. :) I'm getting pretty excited! So, here's to the BYU swim team! They're awesome!

Let's go Cougars!