Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Daisy

So, I wrote this poem for my creative writing class. It's not the greatest poem in the world, but I was pretty proud of it. :)

The Daisy

A rose attracts the eyes of all,
Its beauty well defined.
And a flower that defines beauty
Seems like it’s the only kind.

But what about that lonely bud
That’s hiding over there?
Much simpler and less profound
And no one seems to care.

The daisy is not “beauty”
It doesn’t have any of those
Gentle, soft petals and swirls
That are what defines the rose.

I look into the mirror
At times unhappy with what I see.
I am no rose, no delicate bloom
And I never will be.

How the world tries to tell me
The rose is really what I should be
If I ever want to be a beauty,
I cannot be “just a daisy”.

But who defines that beauty?
And whose opinion really counts?
I may not be a rose,
But don’t count this daisy out!

My petals are white as snow
I can grow against all odds.
And that flower that grows in adversity
Is beautiful to God.

The world’s eyes do not matter
But the ones that really do
Are always full, no matter what,
Of love for me and you.

I feel loved and beautiful
Whenever I try to see
Myself the way God sees me:
The girl I’m meant to be.

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