Wednesday, June 20, 2012

iBrag - A LOT!

You know, as a middle child, I believe my sole purpose in life is to brag about how amazing my siblings are. So, I decided to make a record of some recent accomplishments going into the summer of 2012, both because I totally admire my brothers and sisters, and because I'm really bad at journal keeping, so this is for posterity's sake as well. :)

Macinze (the oldest and most spontaneous, 21 years old)

This year, Macinze completed her final season with Weber State Cross Country. She also works at Treehouse Pediatrics as an MA, and brightens every day there with her bubbly red-headed personality. Oh, and she sorta got married too... She's doing a wonderful job at her job and making a home for herself and her new husband. Her secret talent is that she draws the best stick figures in the world. I know that sounds odd, because how can stick figures be different? Well, somehow she manages to make stick figures full of expression and just plain awesome. :) It's true! She's currently going into elementary education, so I'm sure that this skill will help her keep her future students entertained.

This was Halloween at Treehouse; guess whose idea it was to dress up...
Stick Figure Skills :)

Sean (Oldest Boy, 17 years old)

Sean is a crazy stud triathlete. Not to brag or anything (jk, that's totally what I'm doing!), but he competed in the ITU triathlon in San Diego last month (that's like the National race for age group triathletes, and it was the same course as the Olympic Trials!) and... he was the first person out of the water!!! Out of hundreds of triathletes, he was the first coming out of the swim. He ended up in 2nd in his age group, so basically my brother is amazing. Nbd... He also keeps super busy with being smart, and dating and all that fun social stuff that he's really good at too. And, he's also secretly an amazing singer and dancer too.

Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever!

Miranda (The Baby Sister, 15 years old)

So, my baby sister is also multi talented. This year, she not only kicked trash in Cross Country and track (she went a 5:04 mile and a 10:54 2-mile on the track. That's only about two minutes faster than I ever went in either of those races, so nbd...:) AMAZING), BUT she's also an incredible actress and singer. She starred in our stake production of Anne of Green Gables, and she seriously made the play. I guess my opinion there is a little biased because she's my sister, but I still speak the truth! She's also the sweetheart of the family. It's impossible to not love my baby sister!

Anne with an "E"

Spencer (The Real Baby of the Family, 10 years old)

My baby brother is still in the stage where we don't really know what he's going to be yet. He's shown promising talent in both swimming and running so far; this year he made his first state swimming cut, and he also participated in two races for his school, both a mile long. His goal going into it was to go a 7 minute mile, and guess what he finished with?! A 6:59! :) He's also the one who makes our family life interesting, because we never know what he's going to do next: climb a 50 foot pine tree, go fishing in the swamp/pond in our neighbor's yard, put on his Michael Jackson hat and run around brandinshing his guns (sticks) and yell about his own "Mad Hatter World" from which he is defending us in great heroic acts. He's my buddy. :) He's also my only fellow brown-head, so we share a special bond!

Me (2nd Oldest, the Favorite, 18 years old)

Finally, there's me. Of course, I saved the best for last. :) I'm the one who does NOT belong on land. While everyone else runs, I swim, and I'm pretty good at it. But my real claim to fame in my family is that I'm the best reader. So far since I've been home this summer, I've completed at least 7 novels, none of which were less than 300 pages. That is my pride in this life. :) This year I swam for BYU, and I survived an entire year of college level Chemistry. And I passed! Happy day!

This is an example of my sister's superior stick figure skills.:)

So, ya. That's my family. :) I love them so much, and I am so grateful to have each of them in my life. I don't know where I'd be without any of them. I LOVE family!! And I love to brag about them, so thanks for the chance. Well, it's not like you had much of a choice; it's my blog! ;)

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  1. You mentioned some secret talents, but gave no evidence... I demand stick figures and candid hairbrush performances from Macinze and Sean!